FCF Weekly #2


Hey Gang!

Another week is in the books! We had many victories this week, including the conquering of the dreaded Hero WOD “JT”, some HEAVY cleans within a metcon context, tempo work, and lots of squatting! All of you put in some hard work, and to all the new people who dropped in and are checking us out for the first time, it was cool to see you dive right in. We are forever grateful to you all.

Now, this week, we have a few things to cover, so i’ll be as brief as I can be. However, ask anyone that knows me well, and they will find great humor in that statement. Already, I digress..

  1. GORUCK Affiliation!
  2. FIT AID for sale
  3. Strength Program – An inside look!

Just in the nick of time, Fresh Coast Fitness received the GORUCK Affiliation message a mere few days before our first event. If you are unfamiliar, we invite you to check out https://www.goruck.com/ and read up. I myself plead a bit of ignorance to the company and subject before we began discussing options with them. Much like Crossfit, this is a community and team based activity, and sport with many different avenues to travel down. There are numerous challenges, races, and events held nation wide if you are in the competitive spirit, or the simplicity of throwing some weight on your back, and hiking (a “ruck). Brad headed up the process being of former military, and we are all happy he did. We even have a few members in the gym that are members of Hylands Hopeless (https://www.facebook.com/HylandsHopeless/), a ruck crew from the Bay City, MI area. Id like to thank Candice and Paige for stopping in this week, and also to Candice for sharing some time with us this past Saturday on our first gathering! Also for bringing Rocket (her dog). She shared a lot of cool information about competing, and what its all about! Right now, we are one of two firebase training centers in Michigan associated with GORUCK.COM, which is truly exciting. The philosophies between the two sports are much the same, and we are excited for whats to come!

FIT AID is here! We have a fridge FULL of cold recovery drinks for you fine people to slam post workout! They will be $3 cash, or $3.25 on your account/card (transaction fee). If you haven’t had one, they are hard to beat post WOD. Of course, if you are Jim or Sylvain, they might say a cold brew is #1… followed CLOSELY by a Fit Aid 🙂

STRENGTH PROGRAM! Alright, so, we have had a few questions about the strength pieces come up over the past week, and Id like to share a little bit about that! At the beginning of May, we decided to take a more mixed approach to the strength portion of our program. It can be difficult to get everyone balanced between having enough maximal efforts to produce adaptations, and also include enough repetition work to produce a bit of muscle growth, so we we wrote up a conjugate sort of plan that challenges the body in a few different ways. You may have caught onto the fact we have done one heavy upper body day, one heavy lower body day, one rep-centered upper day, and one rep-centered lower day, and an Oly specific day for the past few weeks. This is no coincidence. In order to achieve that balance we’d all like to have, this is a great way to approach the week, and keep the body guessing and growing. Sure, there are tons of variables and high rep work in the metcons, but those serve a different purpose. Important, for sure, but different. On top of those upper/lower body focused days, we have worked tempos, 1/4 reps, pauses, and variations all in an attempt to shake your bodies up and continue to produce muscle growth. Again, not accident here! Learning to break through various sticking points is sometimes the only way we can make lifts when we get into that 90%+ range, and these certainly work. Of course, many things depend on whether or not you may hit a new 1RM, or hit a new PR (save that for another blog, haha), but these variations, and what may seem like nonsense to many absolutely has a purpose behind it. This week we will test our Front Squat and Bench Press; two movements we have worked on over the past few weeks, and see where we stand.

As far as other good stuff:

http://podcasts.joerogan.net/   – Mick West talks about “Flat Earth Theory” and Guy Ritchie is just a sweet dude. Great episodes. The Jordan Peterson episode will stay with you for days too. Want to get deep? Listen to that.

https://www.goruck.com/   -CHECK IT OUT! Cool stuff! More TBA

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/stoked-lifestyle/id1224720327?mt=2   — Full Creative Expression (Episode 004 w/ Logan Galbrech). Owner of Deuce Gym in Venice, CA. Brilliant coach.


As always, we look forward to seeing you all in the gym soon! Be rad. Lift weights.


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