All systems go…


Good day lovely people of the FCF family!

First off, this is not exclusive to members, so if you’re passing by/visiting our site for the first time, thank you for your time, and attention! We hope this provides some insight and some value to you as well 🙂

This is our “pilot episode”. As coaches, and owners, we try our hardest to provide the best possible service to you all through solid programming, helpful progressions and tips, nutrition recommendations, good music to listen to, and overall, a great experience when we are all in the gym together. The problem is that we only get to see you all for an hour a day. Sometimes, less than that! Our idea with this blog is to once a week, throw some items up that we find very interesting and helpful that could improve not only your performances in the gym, but to improve your every day life in general. Could be books, could be podcasts, could be thoughts, could be feedback we have received and idea’s to get opinions on, etc… Be on the look out for it. As of now, we’d like to continue posting weekly on Sundays so that maybe some of the items can help you prepare for the week, and have a positive impact in some way, shape, or form 🙂 Feel free to leave comments here, or on FB if you feel so inclined.

SO! With all that being said, lets get into it.

Many of you have NO PROBLEM going hard in the gym. Coming in, and putting 100% of your efforts in… day in and day out. But what happens AFTER that? Or better yet, is it a good thing to go 100% every day of the week? Does more = better results? This video from Brute Strength is the one Brad posted a few days ago on our FB page, and if you missed it, you are in luck! Im posting it here AGAIN for your viewing pleasure. Its worth a watch.

Grab a pen and paper because there are a lot of great takeaways here:

Some other valuable points and notes:

PODCASTS: All of these listed below are amazing, and provide so much value for free, I can’t even begin to write it out. Please click the links, and explore them a bit more; some will provide topics in the titles that may strike a chord with you, and others will provide the names of guests that share many trials and tribulations they have overcome, and what you can take away from their stories! These are the ones we have been digging on this week!

The Minimalists –

BRUTE Strength podcast –

Barbell Shrugged –

BOOKS: We try to do a fair amount of reading as well both for self-development and for leisure. Lately those consist of:

“The Circle” by Dave Eggers (I started it before I even knew the movie was coming out…)

“Norse Mythology” by Neil Gaiman (fascinating, fun, and brutal)

“The story of your life and other short stories” by Ted Chiang (the movie Arrival was based on one of his stories..)

“The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield (no need to elaborate. Just get it. Quick read anyways..)

For Brad, its been:

“The obstacle is the way” by Ryan Holiday, the timeless art of turning trials into triumphs.

“Tools Of Titans” by Tim Ferriss.

From Coach Leo: – Awesome deals on supplements, and the craziest selection of flavors for protein powders EVER. Plus its awesome. Leo, Brad, Jess and myself all grabbed a bunch from the site.

He’s also been enjoying the RP Strength physique templates on top of the regular Crossfit training, so be on the lookout for some awesome muscle building knowledge bombs this week from his experiences.
Last but not least, he says to listen to the new Future Islands album! Im with him on this. If you are not familiar with them, watch this. Unbelievable performance, and Sam REALLY sells it!



Thanks for reading! Keep in mind this is evolving, and WILL NOT be as lengthy in future installments. More focused, and more links and profiles to come.

Have a great week everyone! Be rad. Lift weights.









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