1.14.17 + the week that was

Alright, I know the blog has been M.I.A the last few days, but we’ve had an unbelievable week culminating with an AMAZING turnout for our “Breakfast Club” session this morning, followed by an equally awesome 9am “Friendship WOD”, AND THEN topped off with our very first Town Hall Meeting. For those that donated a solid two hours of your Saturday to hang with us and our fitness family, thank you. For those that came and lifted during the early morning session, thank you as well. If you couldn’t make due to prior obligations, we love you just the same 🙂 You’re ALL responsible for helping shape this community and building it into something truly special. Our hearts were warmed by your support and thoughts today.

Time and attention are our greatest assets, and in high demand every single day. We are grateful for you sharing some of yours with us. Be well friends 🙂

Here are some photos from the week, and this morning. Photos of Adam wouldn’t load for some reason. Sorry Adam…


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